Every Dollar, Every Cent, Helps to Protect the National Parks

The above video is from our friends and partners at the National Parks Conservation Association, NPCA.

We are a 501(c) non-profit charity that has established an investment fund, focused on growth, that works in conjunction with the National Parks Conservation Association. Through this fund, we distribute 5% of the fund’s total worth per year to aid the troubled park system.

This means that your gift of a hundred dollars could grow in value over time and be perpetually donated to the parks, on your behalf, 5% at a time. This is a sustainable support model.

Through these grants, we are able to help ensure the parks will be here for your children, and your children’s children to enjoy in the future just as much as you do today.

Additionally, our members are volunteers who work with the foundation because they believe in the work we support and want to support us. Because everyone that works with the foundation is a volunteer, this means that our organization has little to no overhead costs.

Due to these low costs, more of your donation will go to protecting endangered species, fighting deforestation, protecting the parks’ natural resources from being pillaged by corporations, and many more services below.

When you donate to our organization on this website, your money goes to help the National Parks in the following ways.

  • To conserve the National Parks
  • To help protect the Parks from being destroyed
  • To advocate to maintain and increase governmental funding for the Parks
  • To support sustainable use of the Parks in order to preserve their beauty
  • To support establishment of new Parks to preserve wildlife habitats for a wide range of species
  • To support programs that introduce the beauty and awe of the Parks to more Americans
  • To support the Parks’ Next Generation Advisory Council which gives advice to young Americans interested in use of the Parks, fostering sustainable use for the next generation of Americans
  • To maintain the Parks, identify problems with Parks’ use, and work to improve the Park
  • To fund education programs about and within the Parks
  • To inform the public about threats to the Parks
  • To help protect endangered species
  • And much more!

By donating to the Tiverton Foundation you are helping us accomplish everything above and more!

Tax Identification Number

The Tiverton Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. All gifts to the Tiverton Foundation are considered tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

When you make a tax deductible donation on our site, we will send a receipt to the email you provide to written acknowledgement of your donation that can be used for tax purposes.

Tiverton Foundation Tax Identification number is: 34-1725763.

Every cent, every dollar helps. If you can, please donate today!

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