Grand Canyon National Park: Facts & Information

Almost 5 Million people visit The Grand Canyon National Park every year.

The Grand Canyon is a powerful and awe inspiring landscape, the canyon is so grand that it overwhelms our senses through its immense size and appears to go on forever.

The picture above was taken at the Grand Canyon National Park during an Austin Family reunion in 2011 to honor the passing of one of the Foundation’s founding members, Ann Austin.

One of the reasons so many people visit the park every year is the canyon’s unique combinations of geologic color and erosional forms that decorate the canyon.

The canyon itself has over 250 miles of river, is up to 18 miles wide in some parts, and is a mile deep.

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Activities and Things to Do in Grand Canyon National Park

Guided Tours: there are several different types of guided tours to take advantage of at the Grand Canyon National Park. You can take a guided bus tour to Hermits Rest, and or Desert View. Sunrise & Sunset guided tours are available daily as well.

Other guided tours at the Grand Canyon included: bicycle rental and guided bike tours on the South Rim, in addition there are guided hiking and walking tours available on both the North and South Rim.

Scenic Views: Hermit Road Offers some of the best scenic views at the Grand Canyon, Free shuttle bus service for the views along the road runs March 1 – Nov. 30. The road closed to private vehicles.

Desert View Point boasts a replica watchtower from the early days of the Colorado Plateau. If you climb to the top of a 70 ft. tall stone Watchtower, you’ll get a panoramic view that extends for over 100 miles on a clear day. If you go to the Grand Canyon, this is a must see.

Mule Trips: mule trips are a great way to see the Grand Canyon’s beauty. Mule trips are available year round from the South Rim and are available from the North Rim May 15th – October 15th. The rides from the North Rim do not go down to the river.

Mule trips fill up fast, so if you’re thinking about visiting the Grand Canyon please call ahead and book the trip. Mule rides may be reserved by calling 1-303-297-2757 or toll-free within the United States at 1-888-297-2757.

For more information for activities you can enjoy at the Grand Canyon National Park see this page.

Weather in Grand Canyon National Park

The climate between the rims and the inner canyon differs dramatically. This is due to the change in elevation. The South Rim is 4500′ (about 15 football fields) higher than the Colorado River. The difference in temperature between the rim and inner canyon ranges from 15° to 30°F warmer. If you are planning to visit the inner canyon in the summer make sure you pack gallons of extra water to combat the heat and prevent dehydration.

The South Rim stays open year round, but the North Rim of the park closes for the Winter due to weather conditions. The North Rim reopens May 15th every year.

Summer temperatures around the South Rim are typically pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 50°-80° F; while North Rim temperatures are usually cooler than those on the South Rim due to the increased elevation of that side of the Grand Canyon.

Spring and fall weather at the Grand Canyon is extremely unpredictable; be prepared for sudden changes in the weather during those times of year, be sure to pack the necessary clothes and gear to be ready for sudden shifts in weather patterns.

Map of Grand Canyon National Park

Live Weather at the Grand Canyon
clear sky
humidity: 20%
wind: 8mph ENE
H 50 • L 46
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

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