Glacier National Park: Facts & Information

Glacier National Park Facts Information

Glacier National Park is a national park located in the U.S. state of Montana, on the Canada–United States border. Glacier National Park encompasses an area of over 1 million acres. This area includes sections of two mountain ranges, these are sub-ranges of the Rocky Mountains, over 130 named lakes, more than 1,000 different species of plants, and hundreds of species of animals.

Glacier National Park is often called “a hiker’s paradise” for adventurous visitors seeking wilderness exploration and tranquil solitude.

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Activities and Things to Do in Glacier National Park

Going-to-the-Sun Road: The Going-to-the-Sun road is truly an engineering marvel, which spans 50 miles through the Glacier’s rugged interior, winding around mountainsides and allows visitors to experience some of the best sights in northwest Montana has to offer.

Fishing: Although it is not necessary to possess a fishing license or permit to fish inside Glacier National Park, it is recommended that you read and understand the fishing regulations.

The standard park fishing season for all waters in the park is from the third Saturday in May through November 30th. The park offers both catch and release and catch and keep waters. Find the waters for the type of fishing you want to do here.

Hiking the Trails: Glacier National Park offers over 700 miles of hiking trails that provide many outstanding opportunities for both short hikes and extended backpacking trips. As always, before you set out on your hike, stop by a park visitor center to obtain needed warnings and recommendations.

For more information about hiking in Glacier National Park, including trail maps and status of trails click here.

Camping in the Backcountry: Glacier National Park consistently ranks as one of the most popular backpacking parks in the United States. The park is famous for its sky scraping mountains, pristine lakes, diverse wildlife, and its over 700 miles of trails, this truly amazing place grows in popularity each year with both recreational and seasoned outdoor adventurers.

If you plan on visiting Glacier to do some backcountry camping please see the Trail Guides as the information held within it could just save your life.

Weather in Glacier National Park

glacier national park weather photos

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Temperatures in the mountains typically fluctuate as weather patterns change, especially at the higher elevations where temperatures can drop over 30 degrees in a single day.

Glacier National Park’s summer months, feature sunny days in the latter season with average temperatures ranging between 60º-70ºF. Be sure to pack a raincoat as the summer months tend to be very wet with almost tens days out of each month on average with precipitation.

Glacier’s winter begins in November where average temperatures hover around 20 degrees with occasional drops to 10 below zero and colder, and various forms of snow fall frequently. If you are visiting the park in the winter be sure to pack warm wool clothes and weather proof gear. The warmer and drier you are, the better.

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